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Nanomaterials Laboratory

The nanomaterials laboratory includes all the equipment specialized in the synthesis and characterization of nanomaterial solutions. These state-of-the-art devices are operated by members of the laboratory whose expertise focuses on the development of new nanomaterial solutions. It is possible to have access to these devices by contacting us.


Small animal imaging platform,

CHU de Québec Research Center (CHUL), 2705 boulevard Laurier, Québec (Qc), G1V 4G2

Phone. (418) 525-4444, extension 47115 (Théophraste Lescot), or 42366 (Marc-André Fortin);



Particle size analyzer by dynamic light scattering ( DLS)

Model : Malvern, ZS-173 (2008)
Description : Measurement of the hydrodynamic size of particles and molecules
Usage :  

Statue : Nanomaterials Measurement Infrastructure


Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Relaxometer - NMR spectrometer for 1H measurement (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Relaxometer)

Model : TD-RMN, Bruker, Minispec 60 (2008)
Description : Measurement of the relaxation time of hydrogen protons and measurement of the % of fat in a solid, % of "free" water, properties of contrast agents in MRI
Usage :  

Statue :  Nanomaterials measurement infrastructure


Size exclusion chromatography (SEC)

Models : Amersham Biosciences, Akta FPLC (2004)
Description : Purification of molecules and nanoparticles
Usage :  

Statue :  Nanomaterials measurement infrastructure

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